Fragment allow data import through the import dialog.

Fragment allow the import of

  • images
  • sounds
  • videos (audio channel is imported as a sonogram)
  • camera (video only)
  • mic input (audio is imported as a sonogram continuously in real-time)
  • desktop capture (video only)
  • canvas
  • Processing.js

The imported data are all transformed into a 2D texture automatically bound to a GLSL uniform, all GLSL inputs can be used as a 2D texture (texture2D keyword) within the fragment program, they are pre-defined as iInputN where N is the id (position) of the input starting from 0.

Sounds import has specific analysis settings which can be used to fine-tune the data conversion.

Mass import is supported by drag and dropping files onto a specific part of the import dialog.

All imported data except videos are saved per sessions locally in the browser storage.

Fragment import dialog