Fragment support a variety of global and session related settings through the settings dialog.

Session & global settings dialog

Detailed description of the settings

Score width

  • The score width in pixels units

Score height

  • The score height in pixels units
  • Higher height = better frequencies resolution

Score base frequency

  • Determine the base frequency in hertz units

Score octave range

  • Control the range of frequencies

Osc. fadeout

  • WebAudio fadeout time (like a global "release" parameter in other synths, WebAudio oscillators only)


  • Maximum polyphony

Note lifetime

  • The lifetime of a note in ms, this is usefull to handle MIDI keys note-off & release sections part of envelopes

Show globalTime

  • Hide/Show the globalTime in the informations bar

Show osc. infos

  • Hide/Show the number of oscillators playing simultaneously in the informations bar

Show poly. infos

  • Hide/Show the polyphony infos for per output channels in the informations bar

Show slices bar

  • Hide/Show slices vertical bar

Show line numbers

  • Hide/Show the line number in the code editor

Advanced scrollbar

  • Enable/disable a better looking scrollbar for the code editor

Highlight matches

  • Enable/disable matches highlight in the code editor (when something is selected)

Show slices

  • Hide/Show slices, can be useful for visuals, this settings is not saved Monophonic

Enable/disable monophonic mode

  • If monophonic is enabled, only the alpha value is used by the synthesis engine, the full RGB output can then be used for visuals


  • Enable/disable the synthesis engine wavetable feature (uglier audio output but may be the ess CPU intensive mode)


  • Enable/disable OSC input, you can add and controls uniform variables through OSC, you will need an OSC relay to use this feature


  • Enable/disable OSC output, slices data will be sent through OSC bundles via WebSockets, you will need an OSC relay to use this feature


  • Enable/disable the availability of the previous frame in the Fragment shader (aka feedback), this is useful for complex effects, may be CPU/GPU intensive

Editor theme

  • A list of code editor themes

OSC address

  • The location of the OSC relay on the network

FAS address

  • The location of [FAS (Fragment Audio Server)(https://www.fsynth.com/documentation.html#fas) on the network